Experience Resonance

(please read below before watching the video)

See and Hear Resonance

Below is a video of Laura Ritchie’s performance with Cymatic images of each note in Resonance (Movement I and Movement II) (13 min duration) Please listen to/watch the piece and then complete the short survey linked at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

Feel Resonance

If you have a bone conducting speaker (not earphones, here are commercially available examples) that can be held in your hand, you can also feel the piece as you watch.

Connect your speaker and hold it in the palm of your hand to feel the vibrations of the music directly. Once your speaker is connected, click the video link above to experience the music.

Share your opinion

You are invited to join in with voices from audience members across the world to share your opinion of this multisensory music. The link below takes you to a short survey where you can anonymously share your opinion of your musical experience.


via a short (5 min) anonymous survey. This research project was granted Ethical Approval by the University of Chichester Research Ethics Committee.