Yes I Can Book



Yes I Can: Learn to Use the Power of Self-Efficacy, will transform your understanding and perception of “can” to become a fundamental part of life. More than a mindset, it is about understanding the processes underlying self-beliefs, which allow you to move from wherever you are through the vision of possibility to achieve your goals. Strategic thinking, instead of grit or willpower, serves to allow you to adopt the yes in your daily life. It is a practical book founded on solid psychological concepts than addresses the topics of perception, perspective, self-efficacy beliefs, metacognition, self-regulation, and agency through uniquely inviting and approachable storytelling.

Laura interweaves psychological theory with personal stories told in a memoir-like way, drawing upon experience from her musical, academic, and personal life. The important aspect of these stories is not that they are about “Laura” but act as a bridge between research and everyday practice, and serve as a lens for the listener to look both at and into their own experience.
Foreword by Daniel Cervone.

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